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Get high-quality, custom solutions for all your digital needs

Software > Exploit the full potential of the advances in modern software engineering and compromise only
with the best for your web, desktop or mobile applications and data infrastructure.
Hardware > From complete process control systems & data networks to your dream new product,
enjoy professional services, reliable operation and minimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Maintenance > Upgrade or implement IT solutions according to your bussiness model and ensure enhanced security,
minimized operational costs and full support throughout the whole lifecycle of your every investment.
Security > Protect your data and maintain your competitive advantage, comply with privacy regulations,
keep your systems and your business safe from malicious attacks or downtime, reputation loss or litigation

Software Development

We develop desktop and web applications, mobile apps, using cutting-edge technologies. We provide software solutions tailored to your business needs, adhering to the latest coding standards.


We deploy to pc systems and networks, mobile devices, microcontrollers (MCUs) and the cloud, supplying extended support for IoT applications.

User Experience

We take extra care in designing beautiful and usable user interfaces. Increase your team's productivity and your product's added value through modern, easy-to-use UI/UX.

Embedded electronics

We design and build electronic systems from the ground up. Combining the components that best suit your needs, with optimized software code, we provide solutions for a wide range of applications.

Full SDLC & Marketing

We design, build, test, and deliver high-quality information systems to assist you in managing and growing your operations (warehouse, CRMs, ERPs, e-shops, SEO). We leverage the power of data science and machine learning to provide valuable insights into your processes and client base behaviour.

Digital Security

We help you protect your data and fortify your digital presence against the risks of the modern era by implementing advanced network operational practices and security hardening.

Code of Conduct

During the realization of our projects, we take great care in incorporating principles and methods that we consider
the «sine qua non» of modern digital systems. Regardless of the subject, from short-term to high-complexity projects,
all of our works implement the following:


We use the latest technologies and design tools to deliver pioneering, always up-to-date, affordable services.

Modular Design

We provide flexible and scalable frameworks that adapt to nearly any case scenario.

Total Control

Using custom, highly configurable software, you get what you want, the way you want it.



The "install & forget" concept we employ in our products, ensures reliable operation and minimal maintenance.

Security and Privacy

Protect your business data and IT infrastructure with effective, state-of-the-art security policies.

Openness = Freedom

Vendor-independent & backward compatible to ensure future-proof, high-return investments.

Our Works

Having implemented numerous projects spanning a wide range of business sectors,
from corporate websites and home comfort applications to critical food safety control systems,
we possess the required experience to help you streamline your operations and activities and take full advantage of the tools offered by modern digital technology. Find out some of the most indicative projects of our diversified portfolio:

Service Plans

We provide a variety of billing scenarios to meet with every demand and budget. While flexible in pricing, we make no compromise in quality.
Contact us to design the solution that best suits your needs and enjoy the professional services
and unparalleled efficiency of our experts’ team.

Offer per Project

  • Personalized solutions
  • Money-back guaranteed quality
  • Reliable operation
  • Information security protocols
  • Minimal energy footprint

Contract services

  • All basic features

  • Regular support & updates
  • Systems check & maintenance
  • User training

Full-time support

  • All regular features

  • Instant response
  • Personalized assistance
  • 24/7 services


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